Centro de Rehabilitación de aves rapaces San Isidro

With over 15 years of rehabilitation experience,

we found the need to create our foundation due to the amount of birds that we have received through this time. We want to tackle the problem at its core and reduce the number of birds brought to us due to human interaction.

We have multiple enclosures

We treat over a hundred of birds in a year

and we can treat 25 birds at a time.

Our goal is to release back into the wild as many individuals as we can



We need to learn about the ecological needs and threats these species have in order to develop a conservation plan that will indeed help the species.


By learning about the attitudes of the communities that live with these species, we can develop specific education plans in order to reduce the human interactions that leave injured birds.


Effect change

we need to change attitudes and perceptions towards birds of prey and nature in general in a positive way

Non releasable birds

some birds that are treated in our center will never be able to be released

Education ambassadors

those non releasable individuals can become educators and allow people to meet them up close and learn about them

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